A Brief Introduction To Male Extra

Male Extra is a medical supplement designed by the Wolfson Berg laboratories, with the aim of helping men to significantly improve their sexual performance. It is a very famous treatment, which has known many users around the world for more than 10 years.



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Almost all men want to perform well in bed and offer maximum pleasure to their partner while also taking it. Each man aims to give maximum pleasure to his partner, make him experience orgasm and satisfy her as best as possible.

Unfortunately, one in four men experience erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. To remedy this, men have the possibility of turning to products without side effects that will allow them to treat this disorder.

Many products (pills, pumps, penis extender ...) which are said to aim to improve sexual performance, improve the capacity and duration of erection and significantly increase libido are present on the current market.

These products are not really effective or cause side effects. This is why the Male Extra food supplement is very successful because its effectiveness has been proven and it is devoid of side effects.


Male Extra is a medical supplement designed by the Wolfson Berg laboratories, with the aim of helping men to significantly improve their sexual performance. It is a very famous treatment, which has known many users around the world for more than 10 years.

Most of the users who tested Male Extra were pleased with their sexual performance, because the treatment allows them to have larger penis more rigid erections and which last long enough for good sexual intercourse. It also allows them to have better endurance and to postpone the moment of ejaculation if they wish. Overall, they display a marked satisfaction with their sexual relations.

Through this file, we invite you to understand the functioning of an effective dietary supplement, which resolves most of your sexual disorders, thanks to its natural ingredients without harmful effects on health.


The effects produced by Male Extra are caused by the interactions between its active ingredients . Pomegranate and L-ariginine (two of the ingredients in Male Extra) increase the level of nitric oxide in your body, which dilates the blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa of your penis. The result is a larger penis, stronger erections and more control over your erections.

The cell vessels are thus stretched on the one hand and on the other hand more efficiently supplied with active ingredients, so that the erection is faster. But that the penis will experience sustainable growth by stretching its tissue over the long term . This effect will create micro-lesions allowing the sex to become longer, thus gaining several centimeters in size.

The focus is therefore clearly on the growth of the penis, but also on much better sexual performance. Be careful, however, not to expect gigantic growth. But this method still allows to take several centimeters.


When erectile problems are not related to a psychological or congenital problem, they can be due to a penis that is too small. Therefore, the blood supply in the cavernous bodies of the sex is insufficient causing erectile dysfunction.

Good blood circulation is the key to a quality erection. The composition of Male Extra with stimulating properties makes it the most effective product on the market today. Clinically approved, Male Extra is the only natural product as effective as Viagra without its side effects.

Your partner will appreciate your new sexual performances which you will have with the revolutionary food supplement effect.

Discover the benefits of Male Extra:

  • Improves sexual performance.
  • Increases the size of the penis, as well as its width.
  • Stops early ejaculation.
  • Allows a better erection.
  • Makes ejaculation more powerful.
  • Increases sensitivity and the number of orgasms.

Male extra is clinically proven, in just a few months with regular consumption of this natural product you can improve the quality of your erections and boost your performance in bed.


• Arginine (600MG)
Arginine is an amino acid. It can be converted by your body into nitric oxide, a crucial substance that affects the quality of your sexual performance. There have even been several studies conducted which confirm that arginine is important for having strong erections.

• Elagic acid 40% (500MG)
Elagic acid is the main substance in this product. Aela should increase the hardness of the erection by providing better blood flow to the penile area.

• MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) (100MG)
MSM is an organic form of sulfur which (according to one study) plays an important role in building new and repairing damaged cells.

• L-Methionine (100MG)

L-methionine is an important amino acid believed to reduce the conversion of histidine to histamine in the body. As histamine plays a crucial role in achieving orgasm, l-methionine should last longer in bed.

• Zinc (in citrate form) (14MG)
Zinc is an essential mineral that plays an essential role in our body. It can improve orgasms and even increase sperm production. Not only that, it is strongly linked to the production of the hormone testosterone, the low levels of which can minimize libido and weaken erections. Unfortunately, most men do not get enough zinc in their diet.

• Cordyceps (25MG)
Cordyceps have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. They have been generally used as a natural aphrodisiac and there are several studies demonstrating its ability to increase sexual desire and the sexual functions of man.

• Niacin (Vitamin B3) (18MG)
The last ingredient inside these male pills is niacin, also known as vitamin B3. This helps men increase blood flow to the penis by relaxing the blood vessels leading to a much stronger and healthier erection. The best part? Niacin will help you reduce fatigue too.


Male Extra is a completely natural product , the objective of which is to provide in greater quantity the nutrients, amino acids and vitamins already present in the body and acting favorably on sexual well-being. In fact, the various studies conducted have found the absence of side effects. So there is nothing to worry about!

Note : Nevertheless, the product is reserved for men and is therefore not recommended for subjects under 18 years of age.


I recommend that you follow the indicated dose scrupulously. These are 3 capsules per day, preferably taken during meal time. If you forgot to take a pill or just forgot to take the daily dose, avoid doubling the next dose. To get the best results from Male Extra, I advise you to take a 6-month course.


You will not be able to buy Male Extra in pharmacies. To avoid scams and counterfeits, I advise you to turn to the official website of the manufacturer . It's also a good way to take advantage of promotional offers and the money-back guarantee.

Payment is also fully secure, and you can pay by credit card or PayPal (for more confidentiality). Your order will be sent to you within 48 hours, in a completely neutral package in order, once again, to respect your privacy.